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Köp cd med Project Pat

Project Pat - Shake That Ass

Shake that ass ho
Make that cash ho

[verse one]
My name ain’t michael, I got a pickel
That you could suck ho, for ’bout a nickel
Diamonds that glisten, you’ll come up missin
Fuck with these hitmen, bullets be spittin
Man I’m a motherfucker out here wit myself
Try to play tough guy, that’s bad for yo health
Hoes in the club man, shakin and shakin
Tricks showin love man, bring home the bacon
Takin ya game to the v.i.p.p. room
Ho suck a dick up just like a vacuum
Boom from the bass and the song got ya jerkin
Man show ya gold teeth, these hoes be lookin
Rolled up a sucka, they’ll put the charge too
I’m quick to buck ya, bitch I don’t admire you
Either it’s my way, or hit the highway
Project’s the pastor, have glocks then we’ll spray

Shake that ass ho
Make that cash ho

[verse two]
Hoes like to fuck ya, then call ya baby
Then drive ya crazy, ho you can save me
Save all that bullshit, drama and actin
Preachin’s for pulpits, quit dat lip flappin
Dog, I’m attackin, heads gon’ be crackin
Steps outta line and you gets a pimp smackin
Who wear the pants bitch, who made these pants bitch
You shake and dance bitch, I’m just your man bitch
I like affection, not a infection
Ho, you burn me bullets come yo direction
If you sadictic, don’t you step to this
Freaky and pity, ho we can do this
Man I grew to this, playa it’s in me
Up there is where these green leaves’ll send me
Keep to the game be yo conversation
Straight to the brain man, that rules the nation

Shake that ass ho...
Pop (pop) dat pussy ho...(’til fade)


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