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Köp cd med Twiztid

Twiztid - Fuck on The 1st Date

[monoxide child]
Now let me introduce myself as the man
Fucking every bitch in the world, just cuz I can
And I won’t even play with you bitches that don’t fuck
All I know, you could be a dude with ya nuts cut
I don’t need all the stress and all the games
And all the callin’ me names and all the frontin’ like you’re sane
Bitch, you ain’t shit but a hoe and a trick
And all you’re good for is hopefully fucking and sucking dick
Wanna blame it on my music? well that’ll never happen
Cuz I was fuckin’ hoes like you before the rappin’
Goin’ get me to slappin’ on that ass and butt cheeks
And get my dick to splashin’ and cummin’ on bed sheets
I’m a lunatic, what up, I’m lookin’ to get laid
(and the hookers here tonight is looking to get paid)
Fuck that, I won’t spend no nickel on no ass
I don’t even want no stinkin’ bitches thinkin’ about my cash

[hook] (repeat twice)
Bitch, you comin’ outta them pants
I’m trying to figure out whether or not I’m gettin’ ass
We callin’ for the freaks, you think I’m movin’ too fast
But if you don’t fuck on the first date I’m leavin’ that ass

[jamie madrox]
Bitch wit’ the big lips, I’m a young nigga
Wit’ crazy fuck in my hips
And I can make you do things you’re afraid to do
And by the end of the night, you want me to fuck you
Hey bitch, that’s a nice ass
Lemme see you strip down to flesh and show me a flash dance
Got me risin’ in my pants, and I’m pitchin’ a tent
It’s just a video camera, no need to get upset
Hey bitch, do you like sex? well me too
I’m goin’ pull my dick out and this is what we goin’ do
Fuck ’til the sun comes up and fall asleep
Leavin’ pussies battered, abused, and numb for weeks
You say you never sucked dick, a minor obstacle
Just pretend that my dick is a popsicle
And lick it all on the sides and tip
You got cream-sicle filling on ya tounge and lips


[monoxide child]
You can tell it from the get-go bitch, I ain’t the one
And strictly for your info bitch, you ain’t the bomb
I done fucked maybe 2 or 3 hoes at a time
And the most hoes I fucked in one night is like five (damn!)
You could say that I’m addicted to sex
But if you know my seeds then you know I’m addicted to death
Monoxide, fuckin’ bitches left and right
Let a killa know, if ya fuckin’ tonight

[jamie madrox]
Hey bitch, do ya shave your peach?
I can check cuz your beaver’s within my arm reach
(so stubly) leave a rash on my cock
? ? ? up cradle and dubs are icy-hot
Hey bitch, would you finger your box
And rub the butt, of the nigga named madrox?
Half-hour killa with an hour worth of dick
So do you wanna fuck? hey you, hey bitch!


[jamie madrox]
Stupid bitch!
What the fuck you think this is?
I take you out to dinner
Maybe to a movie, and you don’t wanna fuck? !?
Who the fuck you think you are? !?
Motherfuckin’ liz claiborne, bitch?
I don’t like that shit, and I don’t like you!
So if you ain’t fuckin’, you need to bounce, bitch!
That’s on my moms!
I’m lookin’ for ass, money, and dead shit


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