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Köp cd med Trisha Yearwood

Trisha Yearwood - Sweet Little Jesus Boy

Sweet little jesus boy
They made you be born in a manguh (manger)
Sweet little holy chil’
Didn’t know who you wus (was)
Didn’t know you’d come to save us lawd
To take our sins away
Our eyes wus bline (was blind)
We couldn’t see
We didn’t know who you wus (was)
Long time ago you wus bawn (was born)
Bawn in a manguh (manger) low
Sweet little jesus boy
De worl’ (the world) treat you mean, lawd
Treat me mean too
But please, suh, fuhgive (sir, forgive) us lawd
We didn’t know ’twas you
Sweet little jesus boy
Bawn (born) long time ago
Sweet little holy chil’
An’ we didn’t know who you wus (was)


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