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Köp cd med Trisha Yearwood

Trisha Yearwood - Love Me or Leave Me Alone

I think you do, then I think you don’t
Maybe you will, maybe then you won’t
Don’t understand baby why you can
Just call it quits if you can’t commit
I know what I want, only how I feel
But I don’t want your love if it ain’t real no
I think it’s time you made up your mind
Baby what’s your plan, I need to understand if...

You’re gonna love me or leave me
Don’t say that you need me
Not if you really wanna let me go
You don’t know hoe much it hurts me
Show me some mercy
Baby just love me or leave me alone

You needed time so I gave you that
To figure out where your heart is at
What do you say, do you go or stay
Is it no or yes, I shouldn’t have to guess if..

Repeat chorus

Repeat chorus again


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