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Köp cd med Sporty Thievz

Sporty Thievz - Freeks

Uh uh, f!, uh uh uh, r!, uh uh uh uh, double e!, uh oh ks!

(freeks!) everybody got a freek in ’em, some with deep in ’em
(freeks!) ’specially these women, just put the dieeck in ’em
(they all freeks!) get em horny enuff, they’ll bug out and flip, shit!
(freeks!) I know chicks that’ll suck the blood out your dick

(king kirk)
I got this freek that’ll suck you off in the movie theater
So good that the cats near her, hear her and wanna share her
Mascara on my zipper, then twist and flip her
Hit her like a babysitter watchin’ a motion picture
Niggas think she’s a stripper by her hips and tits
Bitch is so terrific cops don’t give her tickets
They all wanna hit it, dyke chicks wanna kiss her
Sip her like li-quor, panhandle this tipper
? ? release mo’ and critter? ? , but I ain’t no tricker
I’m the nigga that she blowed and showed me what they give her
Deviler me food and come to my house nude, rude
While we screwed, be on the phone with a dude
Freak bitch, smellin’ like vic’ secret, peep this!
Wanted an eclipse sucked the dealer’s dick
And he leased it, bitch pussy longer than tape measure
On point like lie detectors, deeper and wetter than pirate treasures

Chorus (2x)

(marlon brando)
If you think I’m suckin’ where I’m fuckin’, freek, you crazy
My only mo with the freeks, hit the cheeks then I’m swazy, baby
Theres nuthin’ finer when I’m drillin’ your vagina,
Daddy’s steamin’ from the semen you spit up on the recliner
Girl, listen your bus money’s on the dresser better breeze
Cause I’m expectin my main squeeze any minute now
I don’t want this shit to hit the fan, what part don’t you understand
Get the fuck out!, see that’s your problem bitch
I’m not deaf dumb and blind, you’s a deuce perp-in a dime
Huh, a waste of time, I’ve got nuthin but dick for you tricks
Sctin shy knowin damn well you suck like the knicks
On the real if my girl walk in your ass is grass (grass),
You won’t be the first or the last (last)
I heard a door slam, damn you bitch, I’m caught!
It gets realer, when my girl walks in she said, i’ma kill her!

Chorus (2x)

(big dubez)
While ? ? masai? ? chase the cat, it’s nuthin but the dog in me
Sporty orgies, topless girls ? recordin? me, they keep callin me
I’ma end up getting wet, pouring moet down the freaky bitch’s neck
These hoes be two timin’, 24k shinin, in the lex
They sex drive spent all day climbin
On the strength, only freeks go on a length to know the pimps
Givin hints roll the tints, down fast, to show the links
Talk about psst, what up? nigga what you doin’ later?
Hotels with the cater, you blew, screwed and ate her but brando made her
Freaky hoe got it hot, she ? ? bock-a-bocked? ? the cocks
Of the whole roc-a-blok, it ain’t nuthin but a thief thing
Stole your virginity, so let me keep the g-string
Damn you ruffed them handcuffs, you got the dumb
Dick in your mouth, I forgot to tell you I was bout to cum
You fuckin freek!

Chorus 2x

F!, r!, double e!, ks!


Nahmean? uh uh uh uh uh-uh
Sporty thievz, roc-a-blok
King kirk, meckanics, marlon brando, shotcallers
Big dubez, y-o,

We all freeks, they all freeks!
(fade out)


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