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Köp cd med Sisqo

Sisqo - Dance for Me

So it is you. you think you’ll get away with the same thing again. yup.

Dance with me they way you shake your lil body 4 me
(come on what’s my name, say my name come on come on
Dance with me they way you shake your lil body 4 me
(said what’s my name, come on come on, say my name)

Verse 1
Let me whisk you away better yet some fries and a shake
Come on girl now don’t be late cause you like that baller shit
That negative degrees on the arm and shit
Better hop in the hoop with that prada shit
Cause I ain’t having it girl I can handle it

Or maybe we can do a little cha cha
We could do a lil ah ah
Gotta go but before I gotta go
You gotta know you got a body like whoa
Or maybe we could do a lil ah ah
Right before we do the cha cha
Lemme know lemme know
But before you lemme know
I gotta make this last forever

Chorus (2x)
Dance with me the way you shake you lil body for me
Your eyes take over me they holding me
Feel like they controlling me moaning me

Verse 2
Baby I like when ya shake it that freaky face when you make it
Girl you think you the shit when the beat hit don’t stop
Make it drop I can handle it
U know what u trying to do all I know is that I know that I’m feeling u
Your eyes your eyes like a vesta view from the empire state
But we could see the moon


Chorus (2x)
Break it down

2nd bridge
I don’t mean no disrespeezy
I’m just trying to make u see that
Where I’m from yo shorty u the bomb
Don’t get me wrong
I want you more then cause you’re beautiful
So don’t desecrate my virgin eyes
Infatuation passes by
No you shouldn’t feel this way
Baby all I have to say is

Break it down

Chrous (4x)

(what’s my name, say my name, come on, now dance with me)


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