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Köp cd med Sauce Money

Sauce Money - Say Unkle

Y’all muthafuckas want me to stop?
Oh, I’ll stop, muthafucka
But you gotta do somethin for me
Say unkle
(say unkle)
Better hurry up
(hurry up)
You better hu-
Ah-ah, fuck it, it’s too late

[ verse 1 ]
I kicks it, oh yeah
Click, spit, don’t care
Never see me no mere
Lot of niggas know me
Few hoes blow me
Nigga stay low-key
Sauce money faculty, reppin shit for my homies
Def, now we ride, cats screamin I’m it!
That’s just too bad, that’s the hit I’m with
Been a lot of places, seen a lot of niggas
Lot of different faces, most of them killers
Counted lot of figures, niggas know I’m raw
Off day for sure, packin a .44
Gather round the lightning, now you feelin the volts
Might not see me, but you see the results
Everybody talkin, take a listen, back now
Bullshit cats, muthafuckas dissin that now
One thing I know, never kind of, sort of
Fuck you and that bitch nigga with you, fool, in that order

[ chorus ]
Niggas better play dead, let go play-doh
I’m about to spray now, fuckin with (aiyo)
Sauce money my nigga, they don’t want no drama
Muthafuckas, we killers, I put that on my mama
Diamond ring shinin, bitches say it’s so nice
Sauce muthafuckin, now she’s shakin all night
Non-stop, we get the place cracklin
From north, west, south, east and back again

[ verse 2 ]
Niggas know I rock, spittin for my riches
Representin my block, this is for my bitches
Seems as though we next, laughin at you haters
900 cx, platinum navigators
Since my hits is so hot, now I’m keepin a toast
Niggas ain’t about shit, usually speakin the most
Tons of sons kick in your door, nigga, so run your funds
What’s done is done, I don’t see no one’s and you see my guns
That’s how I roll, niggas like we know
Hit the spot heavily armed, me and reno
Hemmed up with three hoes, sippin on a bottle
Cut a check, suck a dick, that’s my motto
Like it, love it, fuck it, I’m sauce money for life
Keep my circle real tight cause I know niggas is trife
Plottin from long-range to hit me for my figures
But till the day I lay this is strictly for my niggas

[ chorus ]

Come on
Let’s go
Feel it
Love it
Love it
Shoot yourselves
Come on
It’s alright


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