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Köp cd med Rush

Rush - Everyday Glory

Words by neil peart, music by geddy lee and alex lifeson

In the house where nobody laughs
And nobody sleeps
In the house where love lies dying
And the shadows creep
A little girl hides, shaking,
With her hands on her ears
Pushing back the tears, ’til the pain disappears

Mama says some ugly words
Daddy pounds the wall
They can fight about their little girl later
Right now they don’t care at all
No matter what they say...
No matter what they say...

Everyday people
Everyday shame
Everyday promise
Shot down in flames

Everyday sunrise
Another everyday story
Rise from the ashes ---
A blaze of everyday glory

In the city where nobody smiles
And nobody dreams
In the city where desperation
Drives the bored to extremes

Just one spark of decency
Against a starless night
One glow of hope and dignity
A child can follow the light
No matter what they say
No matter what they say...

If the future’s looking dark
We’re the ones who have to shine
If there’s no one in control
We’re the ones who draw the line
Though we live in trying times ---
We’re the ones who have to try
Though we know that time has wings ---
We’re the ones who have to fly


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