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Köp cd med Pete Rock & Cl Smooth

Pete Rock & Cl Smooth - On & On

[cl smooth]
The nightcap was exiled, steadily profiled
As the underachievin non-believin can’t stand to reason
Where’s your daddy boy - to categorize the drinker
Misunderstood to make the ordeal linger
They label me a problem child who can’t cope
Hangin by a thread, yes a very thin rope
Inevitably, can never be the man can I tell ya
Visualize and memorize him in a cellar
Well tally-ho, pip-pip, my fam’s gonna catch a fit
My father lookin like he wanna bust my lip
But that was never good for my health
So I take the shovel out my pocket and dig myself
Now when I look at the man in the mirror
I see things much more clearer my lord
I’m not that popular, less than a dollar
But the ? I pack can make you holla

* pete rock scratches various on and on samples *

[cl smooth]
I said, what you don’t know could make a whole new world
Man.. listen! I’m set to sabotage premonition
Your propaganda, crooked type of version
Some of the things I bring, you’re babblin non-person
Imbedded in my character, rebel nostalgia
Uncommon valor who’d rather
Have no man-made religion or sect
But try to believe what you conceive may be half correct
I shed light, to show the path in sight
Cause a man who can’t treat you right can’t teach you right
In front of your eyes, what a surprise, and let the nature
Rise, just for the girls and the guys
A phi-slamma-jamma when you wear a bandanna
Peace to pop dukes, and long live nana
The formula’s reality, pete rock’s the storm
Together, forever, yes g we got it goin on

* pete rock scratches various on and on samples *

[cl smooth]
Internal affairs, flippin hollywood squares
In search of the mecca many travel in pairs
Walked the slave ship, ? ? the side of ningamora? ?
To support a short order when I freak it on a corner
Five-oh cruisin, decide to pull you over
Beefin, where’s the coke? I said, a six-pack of soda?
The rookie’s lookin thirsty, but everything’s mental
A baseball bat, to smack shirley in the temple
Agreed to meet the maker so I yelled hail mary’s
And flew that head, to hit the house on the prairie
But the past can never choose my future correctly
I found a greater source directly
On and on, keep it on, you chant the
Boppin simonized, pullin you clockwise jammie
To quickly skip the minimal tip, I dap for the wise I dip
Can anyone see, phenomenally, to the last degree?
I capitalize subliminally, wreck for positivity
Yes my little chickadee, ready to flow with me
Nevertheless I bless, follow me and see
Predominantly, cl’ll be, all in the family
God bless marky black, know we go way back
The lyrics I pack is like a needle in the haystack
Cl and pete rock, smooth like dom perignon
Never torn, word is bond, we got it goin on

* pete rock scratches various on and on samples to fade *


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