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Kurious - Nikole

Yo jorge, what’s up, man?
Yo, I’m chillin, what’s up, what’s goin on, man?
Yo, I’m coolin man, but I’m like worried about you, uknowmsayin?
Why you worried about me, man?
Cause, yo man, you be drinkin a lot, you know
Everytime I see you you got a 40
Nah man, I’m just chillin, knowmsayin?
You’re sure it’s not girl problems, man?
Nah, ain’t no girl problems, man, you buggin
I don’t know man, I don’t know
Come on, man, what’s her name?

Nikole (4x)

[ verse 1 ]
I don’t sweat, no perspirational drip flip
Nope, the beat is dope, so acknowledge the tic
Toc of the clock, cause times are changing
Me sweatin girls, man, that’s back in the days when
I was naive, kinda young, mighta even brung
Flowers to your door, but be damn sure
Those days are no more, so classify em as ancient history
Mysery was caused cause your wack way of thinkin
Breath stinkin cause I’m sittin here drinkin
A 40 gettin naughty, then my thoughts start linkin
Together, back-trackin, never was into girl-slappin
Releasin tension by grabbin the mic and rappin
Gifts with ribbons, when will this madness cease
You played me like a pair of lee’s with a permanent crease
All I ever wanted was for us to rock ’n roll
Ha-ha - nikole

Yeah, yeah, right
Right, right, right
Come on, man
She got you goin, you know it, my man
Yo, he sweatin her hard, man

Nikole (4x)

[ verse 2 ]
I come back on a round-trip ticket from hell
But all’s well, you see, I’m a survivor
Carnivore - you, played the role of
Never makin any attemps to show love
But that’s okay, see, I’m not a first grader
Don’t need attention, need not mention that I’m greater
So later for that, cause I’m not the type for braggin
Just like my jeans my self-esteem was saggin
Pick up a 40 or a six of the stout draught
My life was hittin, know what exactly I’m talkin about
The style that flips, the sips of the 40 ounce
To the bounce I got more, so I score
One thing’s for sure: understand and comprehend
Before you play yourself like a trend I send
A little word of advice, fisher price toy I’m not
Man, I ain’t a boy, thought you mighta forgot
The song I sing cause your ill mood swings low
Merry christmas to a ho-ho-ho
Play the role of santa clause, so save the drama
Tell you straight up, just like I was from alabama
You really need to start treatin people better
I regret the day I met her

Yo man
Y’all givin me a hard time
Leave me alone, I ain’t sweatin her, man
Aiyo jorge, man, skeez’ come a dime a dozen
Ain’t no need for you to be sweatin her love
Go ’head and just kick it

Nikole (4x)

Nikole, I got one more thing to say
Even if I never see another day
The games you play really taught me a lesson
All dressed up, but in disguise they were a blessin
So I say thanks, but now it’s time for me to step
Kurious jorge, you know you shoulda never slept
On me, but girl, you know that’s not what I’m about
You’re (wack) and I’m out

Yo, we outta here
Word, let’s be outta here
Let’s go to sticky mike’s, man, uknowmsayin?
Get some skins



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