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Köp cd med Kurious

Kurious - Fresh Out The Box

Hi!! how’s it goin alright fellas
Ladies and gents, welcome to a new edition of uhh
Tap talk usa with your host..
Louis.. st. ide’s donkey dick, yeah
Today we will be interviewing my pal my good buddy uhh
Big al

[willy scratch]
Willy scratch, that’s me, willy scratch!
I like to scratch my ass!

How you doin willy scratch?
Well when the lemonade is on the line,
And the milk is in the back pocket,
And the burgers are on the floor,
What do you like to do most?

[willy scratch]
Aww I scratch the two tumors in my bloomers!
That’s what I love to do, it’s the best!
(je-zus christ!! brother love loves you)

Ohh-kay, that’s a little word
From our preacher over here on the right, but uhh
When the uhh shit hits the fan,
And your uhh, tissue hits the hand,
And you wipe the diarrhea and you put it in a pan,
What do you come up with?

[willy scratch]
I get golden showers on my fucking asshairs
And on my mustache I wipe it in your glass! hahaha!
(je-zus save you! brother love loves you)

.. I wanna say a few words to you guys,
That I’ve been thinking about backstage.

Three cheers for my peers for the brew that I’m consumin
No knockin what I’m rockin cause my confidence is boomin
Sort of like a eight-oh-eight, but a fake note
Not (? ? ) again loop, without a paid show
(daaamn) take a quick dip in my moat
Kurious the magician I’m laid back like dope
Or valium, or (? ? ) be chillin like I wanna
A freezer full of 40’s and a pocket full of scarma
Shit is on the verge to break
Throw on my fluffy white hat with a tendency to bake
Motherfuckers til they’re cripsy, I mean fuckin burned
Bout time that you learned kid
Check what I did flip the lid of my brew
Givin a quip (? ? ) a dollar or two
C.m. crew, rocks more pull than a ox
(where can I check this out? ) fresh out the box

Fresh out the box.. -> run-d.m.c. {*scratched*}

Check it out
No it doesn’t take a sleuth, to know I’m hundred proof
I raise the fuckin roof, get looser than a tooth
In a, elderly’s gums, I collect healthier sums
Of loot when I’m out drinkin with the bums
Pour in contributions, slide to the liquor spot
Brothers put their money on me cause I’m figured to rock
Yeah, with that shit that booms
Hoppin trains is a pain I maintain in the tombs
Crack the judge with a grudge, I don’t like puerto ricans
Speakin on the jones, made bail, and now I’m leapin and jumpin
True to the time, my shit is pumpin
Think you wanna talk? I’m dumb, I don’t know nothin
Jack shit, suck a fat dick you fuckin bastard
I’m illy with the (? ? ), drinkin wines gettin plastered
While you maintain, in your donut shops
Kids runnin with glocks, fresh out the box

Fresh out the box.. -> run-d.m.c. {*scratched*}

Uhhh, check it out
Dropper of the funk, not a beef initiator
Temperature’s on, rise like the equator
Later for the bullshit, save the tip for the waiter
Was the pussy good sir? I don’t know, I never ate her
Plant tabs on my tongue so my thoughts can grow
Aiyyo your lyrics is corn, like the, one on my toe
To get with kurious you gots ta keep on tryin son
And when it comes to fucks - nah I don’t give a flyin one
If fucks had wings yo I’d be flyin forever
Pullin on a lover with her pet
A peacock lover dipped in ink, you’re +pretty in pink+
Molly ringwald got scald, the water in the sink
Was red hot -- oops, almost forgot
And if the honey look good, I walk her like a rott-
-weiler, I style her, in other words sport her
She tried to dig my pockets (bus-ted) but yo I caught her
Sorta bugged ain’t it? dig the flow of the rhyme
You know the hoe fainted when I showed her mine
Jumpin out the socks whether cotton or mesh
Guaranteed out the box, that my shit stay fresh

Fresh out the box.. -> run-d.m.c. {*scratched*}


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