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Köp cd med Jordan Knight

Jordan Knight - Close My Eyes

Verse 1:

I live my days with the nights that we spent
All the love we shared
I put my heart on the side for a while
Knowing you’re not there
I tried to carry on
To face the fact you’re gone
But I need you
So I close my eyes


Close my eyes
And I dream about you
I close my eyes
I can almost feel you in my arms again

Verse 2:

Evenings of passion and cries of joy hold your memory tight you’ve been away so long I sing so many songs about you I just close my eyes



No one really sees you watching over me
And I hope you feel me watching over you
And when you go to sleep
I pray the lord to keep
You in my dreams
When I close my eyes



When I close my eyes I’m a kid again
I can think about the time we became best friends
And we played in the park didn’t have a care
Then you smiled at me and I knew right there
I would hold your hand it would be the start
Of a promise that no other love would steal my heart
Now the pain of losing you I just can’t erase
But when I close my eyes it’s a better place


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