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Köp cd med John Mcdermott

John Mcdermott - Sweet Sister Mary

Sweet sister mary what is this I hear
I hear that you’re planning on leaving from here
And I fear that it’s true there’s a great empty space
Faces are crying all over the place
Stay mary stay

Tears and the rain and the dew occupy
The valley sweet mary where you say goodbye
Now while under the rain I was told by a fish
Sweet mary your plan to allow me one wish
Stay mary stay

The sun never shines o’er this valley
The mountains are crying all day
The trees never change from the autumn
Since mary said mary can’t stay away, away, away

Sweet sister mary the church closed the doors
The men’s brooms are sweeping the tears from the floors
And I know you’ll be missed but I think we’ll survive
Mary sweet mary may I say good-bye
Bye mary bye
Bye mary bye
Bye mary bye


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