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Köp cd med Five

Five - Shake

Ladies and gentlemen
Live from madison funky garden - five!
Let’s get ready to rumble

Get on down in the gutter getting nasty
Bring that funky rhyme
Don’t waste my time let’s do this
There’s a game that I know you will not play
No time to waste
Cos times a test let’s do this

You got to work that body baby
Come on ladies
Show me what you got
Ready or not cos here I come knocking
Bringing the beats to keep the whole block rocking
Gimme some room and let me get down
Can’t hold back cos five’s in your town
Everybody got to grab somebody - wow!
Let’s party

Don’t stop baby baby
Shake it if you really want it shake it
Shake it baby
Shake it now


Bring that beat five boys want bass
Got me stomping freak dj
Spin that deck five girls caress
Hey ladees got hip hip
Five, 4, 3, 2 freak me
Show me what you got
How you wanna be
Rude boys got to get raw
Split the decks and open up the dance floor



Little jack horner sat in the corner
Sucking on some butter
In came bo peep naked to her feet
Ppp poor boy start to stutter
Humpty dumpty sat on the wall
And da brother turned up da bass
We were freaking down
To da funky sound
And everybody had food that day
Let me see ya freak dat funk (freak) (x4)

Yo ladies in the house tonight
You’re looking so fly
We got to rip the roof off this joint
Here we go ya gots to repeat after me
Come on ladies
Let’s break it down one time

When I say five you’ll say rock
Five - rock
Five - rock (x4)

(chorus x3)


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