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Köp cd med Code Red

Code Red - This Could Be Magical


There’ve been so many times
I misread all the signs
I gave my all and left my heart on the line
But now you’re here
And what’s really goin’ on
Is not quite clear
You’re all I need to get by, oh yeah
I’ve waited all my life to find someone like you
And now I’m guessing that you feel it too

This could be magical
This could be for real
Or am I just another kiss and tell?
Tell me the truth girl, what do you feel?
Cos what I’m feelin’ ain’t no nothin at all
This could be magical

You’re the one I want in my life
I know it’s you I adore
But how you feel I’m not sure
Oh girl will you do me right?
Now can I make you see that
You and I were meant to be
You are my destiny

Repeat chorus

I’ve only one confession
I’ll love you more than life
And we could be so special all through our lives

Repeat chorus


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