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Köp cd med Code Red

Code Red - Seven Ways to Break My Heart


Mondays child they say is a fair of face
But on that day you know my dreams were erased
Oh full of grace is tuesdays child
But I found out that somebody else makes you smile
The next day I was full of woe
Don’t leave me girl
Stay with me
Be with me here by my side
I beg you not to go

Seven ways to break my heart
And I’m still crying for you, oh baby
Seven ways to break my heart
And I’m still crying for you

I gave you all the love I had on friday
You closed the door and turned my love away
Oh thinking back to the day before
You just didn’t want to talk anymore
Saturday I was drowning in my sorrow
I need you girl
I’m crying I’m dying I’m down on my knees
I wonder what comes with tomorrow


I wanna know why
Why you had to cheat and lie
I wanna know how
How you broke your vows
That ain’t how love is
It don’t have to be like this
That’s not the way for the child
Born on the sabbath day

Chorus x3


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