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Köp cd med Code Red

Code Red - I Check for You


You know I check for you now
Nothing I wouldn’t do now
Ain’t no other girl could turn my head
From the first time I clocked you
I knew I had to have you
Ain’t no other girl gonna share my bed

Other girls may come and go
You’re the one I want to know
Give it, give it, give it, give it to me

I check for you, can I flex with you
Wanna be with you, wanna be with you
Wanna flex with you all night
Check baby, check baby, let me know what’s going on

I wanna flex with you girl
Something I gotta do girl
And no other girl come even close
I try to keep my cool now
But I could be a fool now
’cos your kind of love I need the most

I just got to knock your boots
I won’t bow when I can shoot
Give it, give it, give it, give it to me



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