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Köp cd med Code Red

Code Red - I Could Have Saved Your Heart


You tell me all your secrets
Your hopes and all your dreams
You open up your heart to me totally
You trust in everything I do
There’s never a question that comes from you
And even though you’ve been hurt before
I’m the one you adore

How can I tell you that our love ain’t the same anymore
And how can I tell you tht I can’t live here anymore
(how can i, how can I tell you? )
When I promised you I’d never walk away
That I’d be with you day by day by day

You and i
It’s not meant to be
Don’t blame yourself girl
It’s all down to me
Wish I had known right from the start
I would not have promised
I could have saved your heart (I could have saved)
I could have saved your heart

From the moment I saw you, you were all that I could ever need
(yes you were, girl)
You’re so precious, I thought that we’d be together for eternity
Then an unexpected thing happened to me
I cannot commit, it just isn’t me (it’s not me)


From the pain and misery
Cause I know just how you feel (girl you know I know how you’re feeling)
And I have to say I’m sorry baby

I know I promised you that I’d never walk away
And that I’d be with you day by day by day



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