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Köp cd med City High

City High - 15 Will Get You 20

15 will get ya 20
16 will get ya 10
Don’t think it can’t happen to you cause
It happened to one of my friends

18 fresh out of school
Doin’ the right thing playing by the rules but
One day she caught his eye 36-24-with
A skirt size 5. he stepped to her and
Asked her name not even thinking to
Ask her age she so fine she had
To be grown had he knew then what
He knows now.
She was only 16 with tha body
Of a 20 year old beauty queen, man oh man how
Could this be so damn fly but only 16

15 get ya 20, 16 get you 10 don’t
Think it can’t happen to you cause
It happened to one of my friends

Let me tell you about my friend gene
1997 homecoming queen working hard
On her degree but one hot day she was
Out at the green and there he was about
5’9 chocolate as cocoa in the middle of
July so fine.he had tha lips of a vintage wine if
She knew then what she knows now.
He was only 16 with the body of a God and
A face of a king man oh man how could this be
So damn fly but only 16

[repeat chorus]


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