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Köp cd med Brave Combo

Brave Combo - Serendipity

Your eyes across the room they did not smolder.
You looked so young and fine I shrugged my shoulders
I thought to myself, ’there’s the door.’
I’m played out on l’amour
My nerve was up, my fear just made me bolder!

Your feet across the dance floor did not burn up
And once, for half an hour you did not turn up!
I thought to myself, ’take your time,
Talk to him, it’s not your dime.’
One word occurred to me before I spurned love

Refrain (l & c):
Serendipity, is what you mean to me
Serendipity, the first warm day in spring
Serendipity, you’ll be my lover for eternity
I will take one more dance
With a smile on the chance we will love.


Jeffrey: hey!

Indeed you caught my eye for you are handsome
You reminded me of edith piaf chansons
I thought to myself, ’he’s so nice.’
Won’t pretend I’m not surprised
Most men I’ve known are either beasts or burdens!


[i will take one more dance
With a smile on the chance we will love.]


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