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Köp cd med Bizzy Bone

Bizzy Bone - Roll Call

I present to you our leader, gambino with the nina ross . . .

Rap is back to it’s original force. roll call. roll call. [seven sign.]

Commander-in-chief and the mob boss.

I’ve been waitin’ to rock shit. you muthafuckas can’t shut me up! you muthafuckas can’t stop me!

I present to you, our leader.

Seven in heaven, I love my bretheren dead or alive. ready? come catch us. hey, hey, hey.

It’s a war goin’ on here in this universe. and I spoke my mind, and it liberated me. rap is truly back to it’s original force.
The weeping widow and the abominations that is tatted on your forehead: you will fall in the new born babylon. y’all don’t feel me? get on the muthafuckin’ level!


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