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Köp cd med Adam Ant

Adam Ant - The Idea

I went to the zoo
To look at the animals
The first thing I saw
Was a wallfull of handclaps
Some wearing green hats
And all sucking chocky bars
So I went and looked at
The three horned chameleon

The idea

He walked up and down
Just trying to get close to me
A split little hand
Scratching at the glass
I looked at the snakes
And I looked at the crocodiles
You’d better
Show me the man
Who made all of this

The idea

I could be religious if ...
You didn’t have to kneel down
I could be religious if ...
A God would say hello
I could be religious if ...
An angel touched my shoulder
I could be religious if ...
They set the hymns to disco
(like this)

Holy holy holy
Lord God almighty
God in three persons
Beloved trinity

Holy holy holy
All the saints adore thee
Christ in three persons

The idea


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